El Cimarrón Ensemble

H.W. Henze: El Cimarrón
V. Palumbo: comuni-canti
S. Hakenberg: The Egg Musher
J. Fortner: Nothing and more
S. Taglietti: Memoirs of Elagabalus
S. E. Panzer: Mio Passar Solitario
B. Trüempy: Oracula Sibyllae
L. Lombardi: Storia di Giona


El Cimarrón Ensemble Duo

Terry Riley: The Book of Abbeyozzud Dias de los Muertos
Balz Trumpy: Vier Stücke
Vito Palumbo: Bicinium
Stefano taglietti: Movimento per chitarra e marimba
Helmut Jasbar: Tango san Soleil, Dance Step from a Hidden Street
Gianluca Podio: I giardini di Kafka
Raffaele Bellafronte: Malukka Dance
Virginia Guastella: El Toque
Jack Fortner: ChiaroScuro
Astor Piazzolla: Istoire du Tango, Tango Suite
Manuel De Falla: La Vida Breve


Percussion Ensemble

It’s an event of great visual and sound impact for the public, for the presence on the stage of as many as 8 musicians. All percussionists that play sometimes in little groups sometimes all together making an irresistible mix of colors, music and rhythms. The ensemble during the performance plays more than 60 different instruments, from marimba to vibraphone including tom-tom, congas, bongos, sasara, gong, wood block, dumdum, tam tam, bass drum, bells etc. All the instruments, from around the world and clearly visible on the stage, create a very important element of attraction for the audience, which will fell the sensation, during each performance, of been transported in different countries around the world. In fact, the concert repertoire, is created by very important compositions for percussion, all characterized by popular melodies of different countries (Japan, Africa, Serbia ecc…) and each pieces is characterized by great theatricality and rhythmic situations, extremely engaging and pressing.

Toschimitsu Tanaka: Persona
Minoru Miki: Marimba Spiritual
Matthias Schmitt: Ghanaia
Riccardo Panfili: F for Fake
Ney Rosauro: Concerto N°1 for Marimba

solo1 solo2solo3


Johann Sebastian Bach: Six suites a violoncello solo
Gordon Stout: Two Mexican Dances, Astral Dance
Toschimitsu Tanaka: Two Moviment for Marimba, Gestalt for Marimba
Matthias Schmitt: Ghanaia
Balz Trumphy: Cinque pezzi per marimba
Yasuo Sueyoshi: Mirage pour Marimba
Minoru Miki: Time for Marimba
Keiko Abe: Wind in the bamboo grove, Wind sketch, Frogs, Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
Iannis Xenalis: Rebonds A/B
Mark Glentworth: Blues for Gilbert
Franco Donatoni: Omar
Mitch Markovich: Tornado